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Then our extensive range of podiatry services can help

Treatment prices listed below are effective from the 1st July 2023. We also have treatments avaliable at a reduced rate with our Podiatry Degree Apprentice Mrs Melanie Benney - please see the bottom of this page for details.


Please click on the button below for detailed information about our verruca treatments. 


Podiatrist Initial Consultation | £70


At your first appointment a detailed medical history will be taken, along with a thorough examination of your feet. We will then carry out any treatment required at the time. Please bring a list of current medication, any problems will be discussed and a treatment plan draw up. Guidance will be given on appropriate home treatment and general foot care advice.


Musculoskeletal Podiatry Assessment  | £120

Assessment and treatment of sports injuries and other soft tissue injuries.  Various treament methods are utilised including stretching programs, insoles and orthosis (affordable off-the-shelf and bespoke orthotics), exercise modification and strapping.Here you can add a short description.



Podiatrist Standard Appointment | £54

This service is for follow up consultations or for ongoing treatment of corns, callus and nail care.  Treatment is followed by a relaxing application of foot care cream.


Podiatrist Nails / Short Appointment | £43

Unable to reach your feet; have a problematic nail, or recent operation, then our professional nail cutting service is the solution.  Treatment is followed by a relaxing application of foot care cream.  This service is also useful for conservative (non-surgical) treatment of ingrowing toe nails.


If you only require a simple nail cut, please see the bottom of the page for the Nail Cutting Service with Mel who is our Podiatrist Apprentice.

Diabetic Foot Care | £54

People with diabetes are at increased risk of foot health problems.  Professional care of their feet is essential to prevent serious problems. A yearly foot health check may suffice or regular podiatry treatments / nail cutting service may be more suitable. Guidance will be given at your first consultation / yearly review. 

Nail Surgery under Local Anesthesia | From £425

Ingrown toenails can occur for a number of reasons:- the nail may be too wide for the toe, trauma, ill fitting footwear or a gradual change in the shape of the toe / nail.  When conservative treatment is not providing sufficent relief or if there is an infection present,  nail surgery is recommended.  Usually only the side of the nail is removed, so cosmetically the nail still looks normal.

Podiatry Degree Apprentice Services

Treatments with Mrs Melanie Benney, who is in her 2nd year of a 3 year apprentice degree in podiatry.

Initial Foot Care £50


First appointment for new clients requiring nail care and treatment for corns and callus (hard skin). These appointments are overseen by one of our qualified HCPC registered podiatrists. A full medical history will be taken along with a vasular and neurological check.  


 Nail Care £33   |   Standard Treatment £44

Two options for ongoing routine care of nails, corns and callus (hard skin). 


If you just require your nails professionaly cut please book a Nail Care appointment. 


For those requiring nail care along with hard skin and corn removal please book a Standard Treatment


Warm Wax Therapy £35

45 minute appointment, cosmetic podiatry


Prende Wax Therapy Treatment combines the healing properties of 6 essential oils and warm paraffin wax to relieve symptoms of poor circulation, muscle pain, and Arthritis and can soften dry and hard skin when applied to the feet.


The hands and lower limbs can also be treated at an additional cost of £30 per area.

Toenail reconstruction £25 one nail | £40 two nails | £80 full set

Toenail reconstruction is ideal for those with either some sort of trauma to the nail or you consider it unsightly, maybe even ugly. This includes fungal nails.

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